Paul is an R&D engineer in the Software Solutions team. He has developed a great number of skills, ranging from web development (e.g. Girder, VTK, Cherrypy, Django, React and Vue.js), to C++ development with CMake.

His CMake experience, educational background, communicative skills and exhilarating eagerness to share his knowledge made him a natural CMake teacher. 

On top of being a developer and a trainer, Paul also system administers KEU as well as sets up and maintains Continuous Integration/Development environments on multiple platforms and operating systems.

As part of his engineering degree at INSA Lyon, Paul spent a semester at University College Dublin, where he worked on biomedical signals and images processing. He also followed courses about research on cloud computing.

Prior to joining Kitware in 2019, Paul worked as a C++/Python developer for a start-up where he developed proofs-of-concepts for Connected Objects.